How to Play

Playing the Australian Lotto through ILS is easy. Play from any location in the world you may be. You need only choose the number of Games and Draws that you want to play, and for each Game, you must select 6 numbers from 1 to 45.

Many players still use lotto strategies that don't work such as lucky numbers, hot and cold numbers, birth dates, etc. This approach prevents them from winning the Australian Saturday Lotto.

There are 122 bad patterns in the lottery that players must avoid at all cost. The problem, probably almost 80% of players, are wasting their money because they keep on playing the wrong number patterns.

Australian Lotto has no extra mega balls or power ball, giving you the best winning odds over any other Pick-6 lotto game in the world!

According to Lottometrix, Australian Saturday Lotto has the best winning odds of all pick six games in the world.

Since lottery is predictable to an extent, you can maximize your chances of winning the Australian lottery by following the tricks in this article How To Win The Lottery According to Math

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